Trigger Control Training

Emergency/Tactical First Aid

Saturday November 25, 2017 8:00am to 5:00pm

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Cost $200


M Hotel and Confernce Center
1515 George Washington Way
Richland, WA 99354

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Tactical self-aid and buddy-aid (first aid) training is for all non-medical operators and private citizens who seek additional first aid knowledge and skills to provide lifesaving measures for themselves, friends, family, or LEO partners. This class is designed to introduce the ability to provide the greatest amount of quality medical care when seconds count and immediate medical care is required.

We might not all be secret squirrels, law enforcement officers, or raiding enemy compounds; but accidents with life threatening injuries with dynamic medical intervention can mitigate the loss of life, limb, or quality of life. As a trained medical responder, you will be confident in your ability to save the life of another by providing care and preparing casualties for transportation to the hospital.

The course consists of 8 hours of both didactic and hands on training. Topics covered will be based upon Tactical Combat Casualty Care protocols with a pragmatic approach to situational and hands on learning. Students will demonstrate the ability to control and treat massive arterial bleeding, gunshot wounds, blast injuries, and other soft tissue injuries in a hostile or remote location. Students will be evaluated during 2 scenario based practical exercises.

After successful completion of the course, Students will receive a certificate of completion. The maximum class size for this course is 20 students. All expendable medical supplies for training will be provided, but the implementation of your own medical bags and equipment is encouraged. This class is designed to teach you how to implement materials and medical resources that you already have without attempting to market and sell expensive and impractical emergency medical equipment. There are no prerequisites for this course.

Class Schedule:

0800-0900 Hemorrhage Control and Combat Mindset

0910-1000 Penetrating Injuries and Hemostatic Agents

1010-1100 Hemorrhage Control Drills

1110-1200 Bleeding Control Scenario Exercise

1200-1300 Lunch Break

1300-1400 Airway and Breathing Management

1410-1500 Treating and preventing shock/ Environmental Considerations

1510-1600 Tactical Trauma Scenario

Please download and complete the "Release of liability, Martal Arts" from the top of the classes tab. Print and complete this form, you will be required to have the release of liability, Firearms form with you when you arrive for training.


Please call Mike Loy with any questions regarding your ability to attend this course.

Please Email Justin Sherman with specific question to the course curriculum. Justins@triggercontroltraining.com


If you have any questions about this class please call Ben Smith 509-727-5855

Class is full