Trigger Control Training


Eric Johnson

Force on Force Simunitions Trainer

Beginning as a Tops Knife dealer and expanding his line to include tactical gear serving law enforcement and military, Defense Solutions Alliance grew to include training courses and personal protection.

First exposed to combat shooting in 1981 by a retired Navy instructor working under Col. Jeff Cooper of Gun Site Academy, Eric continued on to receive his NRA certifications in Pistol, Personal Protection and Range Safety Officer. Since 2001 Eric has worked as a pistol and sub-machine gun instructor for a large firearms training institute in Nevada and has had the opportunity to train and work with instructors from all over the country and world.

Eric is certified as a force on force instructor for Simunitions and Ultimate training munitions.

Eric is currently a member of California Range Masters, is a Safety Officer with International Defensive Pistol Association and is a Safety Instructor with California Department of Justice.