Trigger Control Training


Mike Victorino

Firearms Instructor/Law enforcement trainer

Since his childhood, Mike Victorino has had two dreams; to become a police officer and to teach and train. His past experiences have led him in directions that have allowed him the opportunity to experience both of those disciplines. He is now in a place where they two can coincide.

Mike joined the U. S. Air Force directly from high school. His 18 year career saw him wear many different hats and travel around the world three times. He always took advantage of the opportunities placed before him and all of his different career paths allowed him the opportunity to learn something new and then to pass that along through teaching, training and leading.

Mike had two favorite jobs while in the Air Force. One was that of a Security Forces Member where he learned the trade of and began his career as a law enforcement officer. Another benefit to this particular career choice was the exposure to many different weapons systems and ordinance. Mike was a fire-team leader and a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Security Police Urban Warfare School, a course on Urban Warfare and SWAT Tactics. His absolute favorite job in the Air Force was that of a Military Training Instructor. In this capacity, he was responsible for the basic military training for new recruits to the U.S. Air Force at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. As well as being what is known as a street instructor, Mike was also an academic instructor providing classroom instruction on academic subjects for almost 2 of his 5 years as an instructor.

Mike has been a police officer in Idaho for almost 20 years and has worked in the jails as a detention officer as well as on the street as a patrol officer. He currently holds an Idaho Intermediate Certificate as well as an Idaho Supervisor Certificate and has held past certifications as a Detention Officer and as a Drug Detection Canine Handler. He is currently, the patrol division supervisor for his department as well as a Field Training Officer. Mike is also the instructor for his department in the areas of Pepper Spray (OC), Impact Weapons and Use of Force. Mike is also an instructor for the Stinger Spike System and a certified TASER instructor. Mike is the M4 Armorer for his department. Mike graduated at the top of his class being named Distinguished Graduate in both the U.S Air Force Law Enforcement Academy and the Idaho POST Detention Academy. While in the Air Force, Mike qualified as a marksman with the Smith & Wesson .38 Revolver, the M9 (9mm Beretta) and the M16. As a police officer, Mike has POST qualified as both Marksman and Sharpshooter with his pistol.

Outside of work, Mike is a dad first, then a motorcycle enthusiast spending an inordinate amount of time on his 2008 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail, an amateur photographer and mountain biker.

Mikes thoughts on firearms training: When you need your firearm the most is NOT the time to be thinking about how to use it. Your firearm needs to become an extension of yourself. You should be intimately familiar with it. Carrying and use of your firearm needs to happen at an instinctive level. This requires training, training and more training.