Trigger Control Training


Cody Cohen

Bladed tools/firearms instructor

Cody Cohen has had many unique opportunities which bring a great blend of knowledge, skill and performance as a Trigger Control Training Instructor.

His accreditations and experience include both a background in martial arts and firearms training. He grew up in Post Falls ID where he studied American Kenpo Karate and achieved his Black Belt.

Following the events of 9/11 he felt a idealistic compulsion to do something, and found his place in the Marine Corps in 2004. He enlisted as an Infantryman. He graduated from boot camp with honors, and went on to graduate from the School of Infantry with honors as 1st in his class. While at School of Infantry, he passed a selection for Reconnaissance Bn. So at graduation he was assigned to 1st Recon Bn. He ultimately did two combat tours with 1st Reconnaissance Bn, and operated both as a point man and Team Leader during his deployments to Iraq. During his time with Reconnaissance Bn he was trained in a diverse range of skills which ranged from Amphibious Operations to Raids on High Value Targets. He went through countless hours training in Close Quarter Battle (CQB) tactics which consisted of building searches/clearing and live fire within a shoot house. Some of the other skills and training received while at Recon Bn include: Urban Recon and Surveillance, Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape (SERE) School, Heavy Machine Gunners Course, Trauma Combat Causality Care (TCCC) course, and Land Navigation.

Ultimately he left the Marine Corps in 2008 and continued his service as an independent contractor. He contracted state side with Defense Tactical Solutions (DTS) working in a number of billets. Ultimately he was assigned as site manager and was responsible for overseeing the scenario based training requirements for deploying units to combat zones. The primary client was the Navy and Marine Corps.

Wanting to get out of Southern California, he made his way back home. After making the move in 2010, he has married and has two sons. Also since the move, he became a certified Knife Combatives Instructor in Libre Fighting's Reaper Method. He has also traveled to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as a contractor to train the Abu Dhabi Police in Use of Force Tactics.

He is currently employed as a sworn Peace Officer in Idaho. He enjoys sharing his stories of personal experience and his training with others. The past 15 years have provided many unique opportunities, many challenges, diversity, adversity, and ultimately has forged him as a Professional of his Craft.

He now enjoys training individuals from his community and abroad with Trigger Control Training.