Trigger Control Training


Chris Kerzman

Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, & LEO Instructor

Chris Kerzman brings with him a desire to teach, a desire to train, and a desire to learn. Chris has been in law enforcement for over 14 years, and brings real world knowledge and experience acquired there to the training environment. Growing up as an Army brat, firearms became and remained an integral part of life from a young age. Firearms remained a focus of Chris life from childhood into adulthood. Chris has been a POST certified firearms instructor for 7 years, instructing pistol, shotgun and patrol rifle to new hires and seasoned troops alike. Chris is currently in the process to attain his Master Firearms Instructor certificate through POST. Once obtained, Chris will be 1 of 15 Master Instructors in the entire state. Chris is a certified advanced armorer for Glock handguns and the AR15/M16/M4 family of rifles, and is also a certified basic armorer for the Remington 870 shotgun. Chris is a certified armorer for Defense Technology 37 and 40mm launchers, and is also certified to deploy that less lethal if needed. Chris served for nearly 6 years as a Field Training Officer, taking nearly 30 new recruits during that time and teaching them what they needed to know to be effective, efficient, and most importantly, safe, officers on the streets. Chris still serves as an active member of the Crowd Control/Riot Control team, and recently completed a stint as a detective as well. Chris offers knowledge and skills in defensive tactics, impact weapons, ground fighting/defense, building/room entry and clearance, active shooter response, team movements, and the basics of fighting from a position of disadvantage, i.e. seated in a restaurant or vehicle, to name just a few. Thankfully, years of experience and thousands of contacts with people have taught Chris how to effectively communicate (talk) to people, so the items in the previous list are rarely needed. In Chris opinion, that is the most important lesson that can be learned; the best fight to be in is the one that never happens. However, it is far better to be prepared, even over-prepared, and never need it, than to be caught without the training and skills once it is absolutely needed. Outside of his chosen profession, Chris is a family man, and his focus is there. Chris diverse and somewhat eclectic background as a husband, father, skier and snowboarder, motorcyclist, car and truck enthusiast, martial arts practitioner, die hard hockey fan, shooter and all around gun guy have made him the person he is today. Chris preferred place on this Earth is on the range, either shooting or training others. Safety is the priority, however fun and informative run a very close second. Chris loves to teach and train, enjoys passing knowledge and skills to others, and is truly rewarded when improvement and success are attained. Every class, every student, is different, and Chris believes the class and training are successful not only when the students succeed, but when the instructor has learned something new as well. Chris strives to learn at least one new thing from his students at each class he instructs. It is through the exchange of information and ideas that we all become better instructors, students, and persons as a whole. Chris is eager to teach, promises to push you to your limits, and looks forward to the challenge.