Trigger Control Training

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Comprehensive Firearms Training

Concealed Carry Permit Classes

Who We Are

The Trigger Control Training group is the culmination of over 100 years of combined firearms training experience. We started out with a group of 6 career instructors with a common goal: To offer the finest firearm and defensive training anywhere. Our group brings years of experience in Law Enforcement, the Military, and Civilian markets to offer a total package to our students. As we grow, so do our course offerings. Several of our instructors are full time Law Enforcement Officers. With this, they bring a unique perspective to the civilian market that is rarely seen. Our instructors are also certified as training counselors and instructors through the NRA, Idaho POST, Glock Inc., Taser International, Defensive Technologies, and many others in the firearms and self defense bodies. These are not just instructors, but the people who certify nationally recognized instructors in this market. Because of this, we offer one of the most complete courses from a broad array of industry leading and cutting edge sources. It would take tens of thousands of dollars and a lifetime to develop a similar expertise in these areas.

What We Do

All of our training is provided in a professional, real, and no hype manner that will change the lives of students with little to no experience and challenge those who have spent lifetime developing their own skills. We have no time for ego, gadgets, or gimmicks. The curriculum we teach has been developed through personal and professional experience, and is provided in a safe and easily understood manner.

Our Goal

Our goal is to work with you, whether an industry insider, range owner/operator, gun shop, or other small group desiring the very best training available and the skills to prevail when faced with adversity. We specialize in offering training to staff, small groups, new shooters, and like minded people in the classroom and range environments. These classes can be custom built to meet your unique needs in several areas including basic firearms skills and safety, CCW courses, defensive tactics, AR-15, subgun/burst gun, shotgun, defensive knife, precision rifle, weapon’s retention, Taser, and many more. As to the CCW offerings, you will not find a training group that offers more permits.

Business Opportunities

We offer several lucrative opportunities for gun stores and ranges to expand their current businesses and bring new customers into their facilities. Most of our industry customers find that these relationships continue long after the teaching is done. These customers continue to come back to the business, usually bringing their friends and family. Once word gets out, courses fill up fast, and many return looking for that “next” class. With so many course options available through Trigger Control Training, you may become the “go to” location for your community. We offer first time incentives for new hosts offering our courses. This minimizes the risk associated with offering a new product, while maximizing your ability to advertise and maximize your profits. Our courses stand on their own merit, and we know these relationships will be mutually beneficial, now and in the future.

Meeting Your Specific Needs

To the small group seeking our services, several additional benefits exist. We offer customized training, course materials, and opportunities that are specific to your needs and direction. Small group training offers the highest instructor to student ratio and affords the most individualized training each student can get. The prices for these services are usually much less than one would expect, and give the student the greatest value for their money. Groups that have commonly used this option are churches, social groups, businesses, and associations.

We Come To You

We offer these classes both locally and abroad. Many classes we teach are in partnership with other instructors or facilities already offering firearms training. Teaching on the road is nothing new to this group. We currently train courses throughout the Northwest, and offer classes on both coasts. We can provide a mobile classroom, or adapt our training to your facility. We also offer the ability to train at multiple locations at the same time, or offer multiple courses, at the same facility, concurrently.

Expanding Opportunities

For those of you who are interested in offering our services, or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to provide references, training credentials, detailed course descriptions, and proposals to meet your needs. We hope to increase your stake in the marketplace and expand your skill set as we move forward. At the end of the day, we have the same goals and similar means. We want to promote safe and responsible gun ownership. We want to build safe and strong communities. We want to offer customers, both yours and ours, the best.